I have had the pleasure recently of realizing that most people correlate a person’s techno-savvyness with which model cell phone they own.  This is such a ridiculous farce.  We, in the name of being intelligent consumers, refuse to upgrade our technology until it breaks.  We have enough knowledge of technology to know we’re only buying extra memory, which you can buy fairly inexpensively and install yourself.  Not the mention the environmental cost of getting “rid” of electronic devices.

Here are some things to consider.  What are my actual needs.  Am I student?  Do I run a business out of my home? Where do I use technology?  Does is it need to be highly portable, durable etc?  When our sons were 2 and 5 we went through 2 DVD players, a TV, 2 laptops, and 4 cell phones in less than a year because of the wonderful misadventures of parenthood.  At that time we needed INCREDIBLY durable technological gadgetry with cheap warranties.  Now that the boys are 11 and 8 our needs have drastically changed.  We need to simplify.

For example, we use the Xbox because we can play Netflix, games, DVDs, and CDs on one device, and it comes with an EXCELLENT warranty.  We don’t have cable (chaching! money in my pocket) so this is wonderful entertainment for us!  We have a desk top computer and a laptop.  The laptop is for when my husband goes away on Duty.  He can gchat us, now that google+ does party chats we’ll have even more fun with this.  The desk top is for the kids and printing.  We need to add memory to the desk top because it’s a dinosaur (2007), but it works fine.  Honestly, if you use Google Chrome you don’t need to update your actual computer (except for adding memory) that often, all the “software” you’d need is right there in Gmail FOR FREE, or operating within Google Chrome, and you don’t need to download it onto your computer.  Most other software is on line; adobe, flashplayer, java and AVG security.  It is a waste of money to keep buying Ipads, laptops, and desk tops every year, even every other year for that matter, when what you need is all right there for FREE.

If you know your technology you don’t have to rely on manufacture upgrades that come in the latest models.  You can just download them for free online onto your existing gadget.  You’ll save yourself and the planet the trouble of recycling your electronics if you own less.

Don’t get me started on phones and phone plans, same principal.  Constantly upgrading your phone is a WASTE OF MONEY, unless you own a business and actually need a 4g network to run credit card payments, or have a medical condition which is greatly helped by an app on a smart phone.  Smart phones are fun, but for most of us they don’t really do anything for us that we can’t do for ourselves CHEAPER.  When it comes to technology go minimal, and keep it simple.


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