Collecting Rain Water


My husband and I received a 338.00 water bill yesterday. Triple our average bill. This utility company is having issues with it’s pipes, and has had to replace their piping for two neighbors. Looks like they’ll have to replace ours too. Of course, not before they over charge us for their problems. Thats utility companies for you. There is a plus side. It got us thinking about collecting Rain water.

The previous owners of our home already had one collection barrel set up just outside the greenhouse. We haven’t utilized it yet. While researching together, my husband discovered that 33% of water usage goes to flushing toilets, 3% goes to gardening, 13% goes to laundry, and the remaining 51% is for drinking, cooking, and showering. I am of course going to start using the existing barrel for watering my plants, but that’s only 3% of average water use. We want to start using rain water to flush our toilets.

We don’t mind carrying in buckets. We live in Virginia. It’s pretty warm here. This just isn’t practical for everyone. However, it’s a way to save money. Since we aren’t planning on using the collected rain water for drinking, laundry, dishes, or cooking we don’t need to worry about mold and bacteria. This means we can avoid expensive collection bins designed for those purposes. You can find them here.

We plan on using a similar set to what our previous owners (Biology Professor) used ; a 33 gallon trash can attached to our down spout. This is just a little idea that I felt I could share with my readers. I know it simply isn’t practical for everyone, BUT it is worth evaluating as a possible alternative water source for some of your water needs.  Here is what it looks like.  You can also put it on cinder blocks so it’s a bit easier to get to the spigot.


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  1. Good Topic. Water Conservation is always on the minds of Floridians. Recycled water is used for irrigation and also recycled for some car washes and other water related businesses. Before running water was piped in many homes, we used to feel fortunate to be able to carry buckets to flush a toilet installed even before the necessary plumbing was completed. In condo living sometimes we realize water will be rationed or even restricted for some things so showers are always good, turning the water off while applying soap, and then rinsing with minimal water, and never letting the faucet run unnecessarily. We must think about water conservation. Thanks for sharing. God Bless

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