This is a recipe I got from my husband’s Grandparents.  At the time his Grandfather worked on the Railroad, I’m not sure his job.  They lived on a VERY fixed income.  My husband’s grandmother would make these, over an open fire, for the “Hobos” that would jump rail cars.  It was an inexpensive way to “pay it forward” as we say now.  I’m sure they didn’t use Ground Turkey.  Knowing his grandparents, it was probably Opossum, or Squirrel.  So, I’m sharing a family recipe.  Feel special.  😉


You will need:


1# ground turkey (2.79) or Ground Beef (3.79)

2-3 Carrots (really any veggie)  (.60)

1/2 of a small onion                 (.50)

3-4 Potatoes                          (1.00)

rosemary and basil (I grow my own)

Salt and pepper 

Grand total                             (4.89 – 5.89)



Slice Carrots, Cut Potatoes into 1 in chunks, and onion into large strips (small pieces will just stick to tinfoil).

Use scissors to cut basil and rosemary into small pieces, then mix it in with the ground meat.

Rip 4, 4 to 6in pieces of tin foil.

Once the meat/spice mixture is well blended start to “roll” the meat into 2 inch balls.  I say “roll” because it isn’t that neat.  You can really just grab chunks.  

Place 3-4 of said “balls”/chunks in the middle of the tinfoil.  Add Carrots, potatoes, onions, Fold tin foil over the food until it meets in the center, LEAVE OPEN TO VENT, then roll the ends toward the center.  They should look like little tinfoil pockets.  I’m OCD, in all reality you can just grab the outer corners of the tinfoil and crunch it up in the center of the food and poke holes in it, so long as you careful handling it when it’s finished cooking.  

Place on cookie sheet, and cook in the oven on 350* for 20-30 minutes, You can also cook this on the grill, or throw it into the embers of a camp fire.  VERY FUN AND CHEAP MEAL!  Salt and pepper to taste.


Homemade bread would be yummy side.




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