Getting Hurricane ready on a budget


Yep, in case you were wondering why I hadn’t posted in a while it’s because I was getting ready for Ms. Irene to blow up to my door step.  This is my first hurricane, but I used my snow storm (Colorado and Michigan) savvy to get ready.   The principals are basically the same, be ready to live without utilities for an extended period of time.  At least it won’t be 10 degrees outside!  It really stinks to not have power for a week when it’s that cold!  (I am only including food stuffs/shopping interests and will not cover safety preparation).

Filled up my car (got up at 6 am to beat the crowds),No power, no pumps.

Emptied the ice from the ice maker into a separate container, so as to maximize my iceage before the power goes out.  I’ll need it for the cooler, and stores won’t be open for at least a few days, and I turned my fridge ALL THE WAY UP!

Hard boiled all of my eggs (3.5 doz), froze or cooked my meat depending on it’s sell by date, made lots of patties (veggie patties, tuna patties, etc) they are easy to store, because they are flat, and don’t need to be kept as cold as say, cheese sticks.

filled every container in the house with water, stuck a few in the freezer. (frozen meat and water can keep the cooler cooler for longer)

made AND bought bread, Bought: charcol, lighter fluid, paper plates, candles (no batteries as we have a crank powered flashlight), stocked up on carrots tin-foil, and potatoes, dry milk, and of COURSE water.  Oh, and I splurged and bought candy so that during the peak of the storm the boys can seek the candy I will hide.  Hopefully, it will keep their little minds busy.

I pulled out some cash, since DEBIT cards will be useless.

I also filled the tub with water and set some containers out to catch rain.  We learned during our first extended outage that not being able to flush the toilet for a week is ungodly, and flushing requires 5 gallons… so… I need me some water for flushing.  We have rules too… flush after #2’s is mandatory, but DO NOT flush after #1’s.  Gross, but necessary.  All our previous extended power outages were in the winter… so I can imagine how much worse the stench would be in Virginia in August!

I spent only about 30 dollars more than I had budget for groceries, so it wasn’t too bad. We already had a first aid kit, so that is a help. Because I live on a military installation I can refill my water after the Hurricane, which saves me a ton of money.  My total is a little deceiving, because I was able to only buy enough water for 3 days knowing I could refill after that if I needed too.  They say you need one gallon of water a person a day, it’s really more like two.  You have to account for bathing and dishes too (I don’t do plastic silverware, just paper products), plus any thing extra like making milk for your cereal (dry milk), or making coffee.

So now is the fun part.  It is supposed to hit us tomorrow.  So until next time… whenever that may be…


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