“homemade” pizza


This recipe gets a 10 out of 10 from my Soldier, and my sons!  It is a family favorite, a must have for our weekly family movie nights, and very easy to make.  It costs roughly 7.50,  for 2 larges, BEFORE coupons, and is somewhat healthy.  It would be much less if I made the dough myself, but I am pragmatic and opt for Pillsbury Pizza Crust for which there are ALWAYS coupons.

2 rolls of pillsbury pizza crust (1.79 each before coupon which you can get here)

1/2 a can of spaghetti sauce (.69 cents for the can)

1/2 a package of turkey pepperoni (.79 cents for the package)

a few leaves of fresh Basil  (which I grow myself) chopped**this is the secret ingredient**

2 8oz (or 1 16 oz depending on pricing) package of mozzarella cheese (3.15 for both)

on a standard cookie sheet spread out the pizza dough, then spread the spaghetti sauce evenly.  sprinkle some garlic powder and the basil evenly then cover with the cheese and pepperoni.

Bake on 425 for 15 minutes.

The assembly of the pizza is the worst part, but enlist the kids or some friends to help!  As for the fresh herbs that I grow, I kill EVERYTHING but I manage to keep these herbs alive.  Adding the spices to my cooking is what keeps us from feeling like we are “skimping” on our grocery budget, because they make everything taste GREAT!  This is a GREAT meal for a weekend family movie night!


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