Save 100 dollars A MONTH


So, you want to save 100 dollars a month?  Who doesn’t, right?  Cancel cable, subscribe to netflix.  Cable is over 100 dollars a month, and that’s for the cheap stuff.  Netflix is 8 dollars a month.  You get movies and T.V. shows.  If you can’t find your favorite shows on Netflix, try Hulu (regular Hulu is free Hulu plus is 7.99 a month).  If you have a Playstation, XBox 360, or Wii you can still watch on your own TV.  If you can’t find your favorite shows on either of these bad boy TV hosts, go to the channels website and watch online.

Some added benefits to making the switch, you can watch TV without watching commercials.  Not only are they annoying, but I actually have more against commercials than just about any individual show on television.  It is fun to see how your life evolves after commercials, how much more authentic you become.  The abstract of this study got me thinking and observing my responses to commercials, and that was enough evidence for me.  (Observant ones will make note of the two links in this paragraph…)

I also like that you can take this with you ANYWHERE, and you can watch with friends and family across the country.  For Army Families like mine this means that when Dad is away we can still have family movie night.  Maintaining family rituals during separation is CRUCIAL for maintaining family harmony, unity, and keeping taut our bonds.  This also means that when Dad is home, the kids can watch movies with friends or family that live across the country.  Laughing with loved ones is GREAT medicine.

This month I’ve made this switch.  It was pretty painless, other than the fact that I have to click each individual story to watch the news.  Also this month I shopped car insurance and made a switch.  I will save 450 dollars this year, about 37 dollars a month, by switching.  I know I sound like a commercial.  Don’t get complacent with your budget.  There are always places to save.  While I don’t want to go into detail in this post, land lines and cell phones are another BIGGIE!  I suggest looking at T-mobile, Straighttalk and Boost’s no-contract cell phone plans, and Vonnage for land line service.  Check coverage areas for cell service before you ever sign on!


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  1. Yes! We bought a digital antenna and canceled our service a while back (the real reason was that I was watching too much TV, but the added bonus was that we saved a ton of cash). We get a bunch of local channels (though, not all of them) with the antenna and have Netflix and Hulu for the rest of the stuff we want to see. We’ve been with Netflix since 2005 and love it. Kudos for finding a new way to tighten up your budget!

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