Groceries: $70, 10 days, 30 meals, 4 people


I just got back from the grocery store.  70.99 was my grand total for 10 days worth of food for my family.  To be honest I mainly bought things for dinners and lunches, as I had most of what I needed at home to make snacks, and I didn’t need many personal hygiene products.  I only had 4 coupons totaling $2.85.  I shopped mainly sale items.  I will split up the a sample portion of the receipt based on dishes for you, and give my little secrets away.


Tuna Casserole (7.59)

3x cream of mushroom soup/generic (2.61)

1 bag of egg noodles (1.59)

2 cans tuna 2.50 (bumble bee solid while albacore.  Could save money with generic, but I REFUSE to support net fishing in our oceans.  That is totally a personal choice).

green beans (.89)

Sloppy joes  (5.33)

Manwich (.89)

1# Turkey (1.55)  *CHEAPER to buy frozen turkey in “log” packaging (sometimes you’ll find it in the meat section, sometimes in the freezer section).  Turkey in plastic meat style packaging is about 2.55 per/lb, and beef in such packaging is about 3.55 per/lb

Glazed Carrots (.50) *bought a bunch for .69 and use about 3 or 4 carrots a dab of butter and a pinch of brown sugar.

I will make bread instead of buying buns (~.75).  I already have the ingredients at home.  I will make mac and cheese also, I also have ingredients for this (.89 for the noodles, and .75 for the cheese)

Italian Chicken and Rice ($4.67)

1/2 Red Pepper (.48)

1# chicken tenders/breasts (3.19)

1/2 cup Italian Dressing  (.25) (had on hand got for .75 with a coupon)

2 Cups Rice (.75)

So there are three sample meals.  I will move on to lunches now.  Instead of menu items I will just list some of the items I bought for 10 days of lunches

LUNCH ITEMS: ($12.09)

Large Skippy Peanut Butter.  Will last one week (3.00 with coupon)

Bread x2 (3.00)

Small Jar Strawberry Jam (1.50 with Coupon)

2# Apples (2.00.) I buy which ever type of apples happen to be .99 cents a pound.  If a different fruit is a better deal I opt for that.  This is where you can keep your family from getting bored.

Carrot or celery sticks (.69) with dressing (-1.00 on sale) or hummus (I like to save money and make my own… another post I guess)

Milk (2.89 for us because we do Soy Milk… a splurge)

This is what I chose to do for this week.  This part of the menu can be really versatile.

Breakfast items: (7.66)

Soy milk (2.89)

Frosted Flakes (1.99)

Hungry Jack (1.89)

Bananas (.89)


I will be making oatmeal cookies, and cutting lots up my fruits and veggies, peanut-buttering crackers etc…

The only non-food items I purchased were:

Dog Food (Med sized bag 11.99 with a coupon)

Toilet Paper (2.89 for 6 rolls on sale)

That’s how things went this week at our house.  Of course the tally is a bit higher on weeks when I buy hygiene items, or need to restock my baking supplies, but not more than 30 dollars higher unless we are hosting a bbq.


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