Homemade Bread


Here is my first “cheap” recipe to share on KeepingGreen.  One of the secrets to keeping your cash is to bake and cook your own food!  Where better to start than with Homemade Bread.  This fall I will post an incredibly easy Pumpkin Butter recipe to serve with this bread, mmmmm yummy.

Homemade bread makes you seem like a domestic goddess. This recipe is easy, cheap, and filling. I love to use it with sloppy joes, as a side with honey, or just as a CHEAP snack for the boys at my house. Here is what you need…

1 gallon baggie
1 package of yeast
3 cups of flour
1 cup of warm water
3 tablespoons each of the following: dry milk, sugar, oil (you choose, vegetable is what the original recipe calls for, but olive oil is healthier)

DIRECTIONS: (This step takes about 5 minutes)

Add the following to the Baggie
1 cup of flour
3 tablespoons of sugar
3 tablespoons of drymilk
the package of yeast
Mix dry ingredients by kneading the baggie

STEP TWO: (2 minutes tops)
Add the following to the baggie
1 cup of warm water
3 tablespoons oil (I add the oil to the warm water so that all the liquids are warm, you don’t have to do this.)
Knead the bag so that dry ingredients become saturated

STEP THREE (takes about 5 minutes)
Add the final 2 cups of flour
KNEAD WITHIN THE BAGGIE, until dough stops sticking to the baggie, and becomes one mass, then “dump” it on a lightly floured surface

STEP FOUR (takes 3-5 minutes)
use a roller (or your hands) to flatten dough into, approximately, a 5in X 11in “rectangle”. This is to get rid of bubbles in the dough.
now starting a narrow end, roll up and the fold the ends upwards.
Again, if the first “roll” isn’t tight enough you will have a hole in the center of your baked loaf. So tuck tightly!
Grease pan, and put loaf in the pan

STEP 5 (takes 10-40 minutes)
If it’s warm out 60* or more, I top the the loaf pan with foil and set it on my patio table, or deck railing
If it’s cold I sent it on my stove top (while it pre-heats), or in front of my bathroom vent. (I do this so I can close the door and keep my dog from eating the dough)

The best part of this step is you don’t really have to do anything. The warmer the environment the faster it will rise.

STEP 6 (25-35 minutes)
Bake until golden brown on top. It should sound hollow if you thump the bottom of the loaf. If you are feeling like an over achiever you can brush the top with some butter. I RARELY do this, and it tastes wonderful anyway. The butter is really just to make it look shiny and photo shoot ready.


Serve it up, tell everyone how hard it was to bake, and pretend that you are Betty Crocker incarnate, heck wear an apron for added flare!  If you weren’t keeping track that is 17 minutes to prepare…  34-60 minutes to “cook” depending on the time it takes for the bread to rise.

While the bread is rising, rinse out the baggie and dry it. When the bread is ready to be stored use the baggie!


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  1. Just mad it and had it with our lunch soper yummmy and easy to make. My son who is 15 made it for us and the kids only eat it so it must have been super good for two little girls age two and three to love it.. I had two slices right of the oven with applebutter. YUM

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